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Whats the name of the episode that the Belchers were singing?

Weekend at Mort’s

Pilot episode! Look closely at Tina, might notice something different.

i can't send this on anon on your other blog but do you have that one ask where you talk about how to treat your girl?

Anonymous is on, you should be able to! Anyway, here 

Wish you where less hot so you could be "in my league"

I’m a nerd who runs a bob’s burgers blog, what league am I in??

Bob's Burgers - Electric Love
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I'm in me mums car broom broom

escoba escoba

you're my burger of the day

This was actually cute, thank you.

I love you, but I love Gene more.

I’m guessing you like him because of his Genes. It’s fine, I understand.

i got distracted by this blog when i got out of the shower and now i've been sitting here in a wet towel like an hour

Soon enough I will have my very own army of people in wet towels and I will RULE THE WORLD

im here for u & ur beautiful xx

I thought this was a threat at first

Would you answer Gene's nipples?

Yes, are you kidding me. It could be a package!

What's your favorite episode?

Mother Daughter Laser Razor!


Do you believe in llamas?

what the heck is a llamas